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Intuitive Response

Stories We Tell Ourselves

If you tell a lie often enough, some people will believe you. If you tell yourself a lie often enough, it will become your story, your identity.

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Change, Rejection & Cults

How do you make a fundamental change in your life, without worrying about what others will think about it afterwards? Will you lose your friends? How will your significant other deal with the change, if they aren’t fully on board? Continue reading →

Intention Setting

Intention Setting can be thought of as: Making a statement involving a personally held guiding principle, authentic desire or spiritual ideal. A statement expressing purpose, intent and attitude, from a place of personal alignment, feeling and wholeness. Intention setting involves:  Continue reading →

Goal Setting

Goal Setting is: The designing and setting of desired outcomes, guided by criteria such as S.M.A.R.T. principles, which make goals specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timed. The development and implementation of action plans designed to motivate and guide progress towards Continue reading →


Visualisations (Mental Imagery) Visualising can help you in many ways: Imagining yourself doing something can help you to get better at doing it. Imagery can help you to keep calm and focused during difficult interactions. You can mentally rehearse maintaining a calm Continue reading →

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